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Spending Time Outdoors in New England

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 10, 2016 11:30:07 AM / by Patrick Donovan


Winter is finally in the rear view and that warm New England weather is right around the corner. The New England environment offers a multitude of fun activities that everyone who stuck out that Winter should enjoy. With 4 Ocean Bordering States and the start of the Appalachians you can turn your day into an adventure every single day. Spending time outdoors in New England can be as fulfilling as going on a distant vacation.




1.Boating - Saltwater and Freshwater Boating is a favorite past time since the Pilgrims landed in Plymouth in 1620. Sailing, Cruising, or Fishing Boats greatly inhabit our local waters and with the right knowledge can be just the perfect way to break away from the workweek. It's not as hard as you may think to get out on the Water. It can be renting a canoe to buying your own personal boat. With just a little bit of research you can be out cruising around the islands of Cape Cod in no time. If your not sure what to do. Contact a  boat buying consultant


2. Fishing- A great way to spend time with your friends or kids is getting out on to the water and targeting a specific species of fish. There are Freshwater and Saltwater methods of fishing and can be done with a fishing pole out of wal-mart or getting completely outfitted. If your just getting into fishing, Start small with some sunfish and move your way up from there. It can be very exciting to finally get that first fish on the line and just like that, "you caught the bug". New England offers thousands of freshwater fishing areas and has some of the best fishing in the Atlantic Ocean with hundreds of prized game fish. Make sure to check your state regulations before starting out because there may be laws around your waters.


3. Hiking - The kancamagus highway in New Hampshire offers hiking trails from Beginner to Expert and with the right weather can be a great way to get out and experience all the sights that New Hampshire has to offer. Make sure you get a proper pair of hiking boots before making the trip up though. Sandals are not a good choice...


4. Riding a bike- Bike paths are offered all over New England and run through some very impressive areas. A favorite to many is the Cape Cod Canal bike path that brings you along the Canal that is one of the greatest man made waterways ever created




5. Going to the Beach- New England Beaches can vary from the sandy shores of Nantucket to the rocky coast of Maine and all offer beautiful scenery. The Water can get a little chilly depending on where you are and the weather that has been occurring. Cape Cod offers some of the most picturesque beaches and with a little bit of Homework you can find the perfect escape.




6. Whale Watch - Whale Watches are offered all over the Eastern Seaboard and for $50-$100 you can see these marvelous creatures in their own habitat. A great way to get out with your kids or see them for yourself. They will be sure to blow your mind. spending-time-outdoors-in-new-england


8. Kayaking- A great way to get out on the water for a small investment. Ranging from $200-$5,000 you can own your own kayak. Easy to maneuver and throw on your roof for a quick trip. Kayaking offers a new way to get outside and check out all that New England waters have to offer.




9. Camping- Campgrounds or wilderness camping is a favorite past time to many New Englanders with an active lifestyle. It can be done in a pop-up camper or a tent. The best part is getting away from the city-life a little, turning the phone off and being able to enjoy time with your friends. One of the more simple ways to spend time outdoors in New England. 




These are only 9 of some of the great things that the outside has to offer in New England. They can be right in your backyard and are easier to get involved in then you may think.


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Patrick Donovan

Written by Patrick Donovan

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